Have you ever needed a secret stash to hide your personal or valuable items? This guide will show you how to create a secret hiding spot that someone doesn't need to just find, but investigate, to find what is hidden within.

Steps Edit

  1. Find a tall, thick candle, a sharp steak knife, or other medium sized knife, and drill with a thick bit, a lighter of any sort, and a sponge or other squishy item in a color relatively close to your candle, and of course, something to hide.
  2. Use the drill to make some holes as far into the candle as possible, while staying far enough away from the edge of the candle to leave a strong outside wall.
  3. Cut out the rest of the inside with the knife, using the holes from the drill to get the it inside. This should create a deep space in the candle.
  4. Spark the lighter and hover the flame below the hole in the candle to melt the wax. Rub the melted wax smooth on the inside.
  5. Cut the squishy object into a circle about one half inch bigger than the hole in the candle.
  6. Use the hole to store whatever you want.
  7. Close off the stash by stuffing the squishy item in the candle.
  8. Place somewhere inconspicuous. The candle can even be lit. (Don't burn it down too far!)
  9. Enjoy your privacy!

Tips Edit

  • After you cut out the inside with the knife, the drill can be used like a grinder to make the job easier.

Warnings Edit

  • Knives, drills, and lighters can be dangerous. Be careful.
  • Melted wax can be hot, watch out not to burn yourself when smoothing the inside of the candle.
  • Do not forget your stash is inside the candle and give it to a friend or donate it.

Things You'll Need Edit

  • A medium sized knife, such as a steak knife
  • A long, thick candle
  • A drill with a thick bit
  • A squishy object the same color as your candle
  • A lighter of any kind
  • Something to hide

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