Floating candles are magical at a dinner party, wedding or seasonal event, especially floating in a clear bowl with a few flowers. Making them at home is easy and you can scent them as wished when you make your own.

Steps Edit

  1. Place water in your double boiler and bring it to boil.
  2. Put the paraffin into the double boiler bowl. Melt the paraffin.
  3. Add the essential oil and stir into the melted paraffin using a wooden spoon.
  4. Arrange the moulds on a flat surface. Pour the melted paraffin carefully and slowly into the moulds. It is important to take this part slowly, to prevent the creation of air bubbles.
  5. Put the candles to one side until they have partially set. Once they feel a little more substantial but are not set, insert the candle wick into each candle.
  6. Leave the candles to set completely. Remove from moulds once set and they are ready to float in your decorative bowl.

Video Edit

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Tips Edit

  • You can use candle holders as molds if you cannot find suitable moulds. Be creative in what you use - basically the shape needs to be one that can float.
  • A candle must be in a V shape to float, in other words, the top must be significantly wider then the base.
  • This recipe makes approximately 1 dozen floating candles, depending on the size of your moulds.

Things You'll Need Edit

  • 12 oz paraffin
  • 60 drops essential oil of choice
  • 12 candle moulds; small baking molds can also work
  • 12 2.5cm/1 inch floating candle wicks (local craft supplier will have)
  • Double boiler
  • Wooden spoon

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