Love those expensive country-store candles? Learn the secrets to make them yourself!

Steps Edit

  1. Buy or use any base candle (votives, pillars, tapers, etc.).
  2. Purchase scented wax tarts, or chunks from country store, or retailer.
  3. Melt in double boiler (pan inside another pan with water in bottom pan; make sure the top wax boiler is one you don't use anymore). Never heat wax on too high of a temperature. Melt on Med or Low setting, takes a while, but watch it carefully and stir often.
  4. After wax has melted, remove from heat to a heat-safe surface. Begin carefully whipping the wax as it cools, (pretend you're scrambling eggs). It will develop chunks and become thick and frothy.
  5. Begin "icing" your candle with the lump wax using a fork. Try tapping and spreading the wax randomly to create a lumpy appearance, just like icing a cake.

Tips Edit

  • You may use the same wax you melted and dip your candle to seal it and smooth out the surface if desired. Not necessary.
  • Work quickly! The whipped wax solidifies in minutes--or less.

Warnings Edit

  • Never leave wax unattended; it will smoke, and catch fire.
  • Don't let kids do this project.
  • Keep pets away from work area, dripping wax, even when lumpy can still be very hot.
  • Use heat safe surfaces, and wear gloves that resist heat.

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