These are some special candles that will light up your life!

Steps Edit

  1. Get a glass jar (you could also buy a water candle kit that some craft stores sell that comes with everything you will need).
  2. Decorate the bottom of the jar with sand or mini plastic toys, etc.
  3. Add water; just turn on the tap low so you don't run your decorations out of place.
  4. Squeeze a layer of some canola or vegetable oil on top of the water so it covers the top completely.
  5. Get a piece of wick that is 2.54 cm and stick it in the hole in the vacuform tray with the domes of the tray facing up. Make sure no more than 3 mm of the wick go through the bottom of the vacuform tray.
  6. Set the vacuform tray with the wick over the oil into the jar. The wick should not extend into the water.

Warnings Edit

  • Light the candle away from flammable materials. Set the candle over aluminum foil or heat-safe dish (Never set the candle on the floor or someone could trip over it). Check if the water and oil levels as the candle burns, don't let the candle burn if either the water or oil level becomes too low. Make sure not to leave the candle unattended and remember not to touch the glass jar while the candle is lit. Light your candle in a open area. Do not put fingers in hot oil + do not attempt to move the candle after it is lit. Trim wick to avoid carbon build up and smoky flame. Adult supervision required! (For ages 12 and up)

Things You'll Need Edit

  • Water
  • Wick
  • Glass Jar
  • Canola or Vegetable oil
  • Vacuform tray
  • Decorations
  • Adult Supervision

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