This is a step by step process on how to make a candle out of everyday household products. The candle is lightweight, easy to use, and great for outdoor adventures; it can also be doubled as a fire starter. This is a great supervised activity for children, and will add lots of flavor.

Steps Edit

  1. Cut the aluminum foil into a 6 x 6 inch square.
  2. Rub the Vaseline into the cotton ball.
  3. Place the cotton ball in the center of the square foil.
  4. Tri-fold the foil over the cotton ball.
  5. Again tri-fold it lengthwise.
  6. Open the last tri-fold. Keeping the ends vertical for better reflection.
  7. Cut an "X" over the cotton ball.
  8. Peel the corners of the cut, exposing the cotton ball.
  9. Slightly pull a little cotton out of the cut for easy lighting.
  10. Ignite the cotton and enjoy brilliant light and heat for approximately 30 minutes.

Tips Edit

  • This is a great children's activity.
  • As flame expires, peel back the foil to expose more cotton for longer duration.

Warnings Edit

  • While storing, keep away from heat.
  • Store in cool dry place.
  • Adult supervision necessary.
  • While lit, do not leave unattended.
  • When lit, keep the candle still.
  • Do not use candle as lube

Things You'll Need Edit

  • Vaseline or another brand of petroleum jelly
  • 100% cotton balls (not synthetic)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Knife

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