Have you ever had a candle that just didn’t burn like it was supposed to? There is a solution to make that old candle like new.

Steps Edit

  1. Select a product (a candle you want to repair).
  2. Plug the candle warmer in the socket and turn it on.
  3. Place the candle in a jar if not all ready in one.
  4. Place candle on the candle warmer hot plate.
  5. Allow time for the old candle to completely melt.Once the candle has melted dip the new wick into the melted wax.
  6. Allow to dry.
  7. Dip again..
  8. Allow to dry
  9. Make sure, the wick is well coated.
  10. Place the wick into the empty jar.
  11. Pour the wax from its jar to the jar that contains the wick.
  12. Take old wick out of old jar.
  13. Allow to dry and harden.
  14. If the candle does not look like a sufficient amount fell free to wait until you have another candle melt it and pour the melted wax on to of the newly create candle from step 15. Once you feel the candle has meet its potential to be new place it in a safe area.
  15. Take a lighter and light the candle.
  16. Enjoy its fragrance.

Tips Edit

  • It is really cool to take two candles with two different fragrances and make one new fragrance. My favorite is Hawaiian Delight and Caribbean Breeze mixed it makes a Hawaiian breeze.

Warnings Edit

  • Burn candle within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn on or near anything flammable. Keep wick trimmed to ¼” and wait to create a new one when the candle has burned down to a ½” of wax.

Things You'll Need Edit

  • An old candle (the one you want to make like new)
  • 2 jars, if the old candle is not already in one
  • A pack of candle wicks
  • A candle warmer

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