Have you ever seen someone put out a candle with their fingers? Have you ever wanted to try it without burning your hands? Here is a way to do it safely

Steps Edit

  1. Light your Candle. Candle should be at least 1 inch high and freestanding. Make sure you can pull your hand away quickly.
  2. Lick your Fingers. This is an important part of the process! Do not skip it! Licking your fingers adds a layer of water that protects your skin from getting burned
  3. Place your hand about 1 inch away from the flame/wick.
  4. Quickly grab the wick and then let go. This should put out your flame. If it does not, blow out your candle, shorten your wick and try again.
  5. Eventually with practice you can do this without licking your fingers, but you must master the timing first. Be warned!

Tips Edit

  • Have a bucket of water nearby, in case something catches on fire.
  • Practice makes perfect, practicing helps you get over the fear of touching a flame.

Warnings Edit

  • If you hold the wick too long, your fingers could get burned.
  • Soot from the wick will come off on your fingers. Wash it off and don't touch your face or clothing, because you'll leave black marks.
  • Don't do it without Liquid on your fingers before you've tried it with it first!

Things You'll Need Edit

  • Candle
  • Water
  • Fingers
  • FIRE!

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