If you have crooked candles, don't throw them out. The simple solution is to hang each candle upside down inside a tall vase, place it in the sunshine and wait until the candle straightens itself.

Steps Edit

  1. Find a tall vase that is at least 1" (2.5 cm) taller than the candle is long.
  2. Stick a large needle through the base of the candle. Push in slowly to avoid breaking the candle. It may help to warm the needle between your palms beforehand.
  3. Tie a string to each end of the needle.
  4. Tie the two strings to a pencil or other object long enough to bridge the top of the vase. Tie it snugly so that the base of the candle is against the pencil.
  5. Hang the candle inside the vase, resting the pencil on the rim.
  6. Place in a sunny window for a little while. Check it after about an hour to see if the candle has straightened itself. Leave it there until it is straightened.
  7. When straight, move the vase and all into a cooler place, and allow it to hang for a couple of hours to completely cool. Then you can remove it, take off the strings and remove the needle.

Warnings Edit

  • Don't leave in the sun for too long for obvious reasons.

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